[developers] tsql query to retrieve gold trees?

Stephan Oepen oe at ifi.uio.no
Fri Jan 20 20:55:10 CET 2017

> just trees where t-active > 0 ought to work (or perhaps Stephan will correct me?).

i can take a hint.

‘t-active’ is an item-level property, i.e. the above condition will
select a set of items (‘parse’ attempts, to be precise, but these
nearly stand in one-to-one correspondence with items).  for each item
where there is at least one active (aka ‘gold’) three, the next order
of business is to determine which of the ‘result’ tuples (i.e.
separate readings) were accepted by the annotatator: the ‘result-id’s
in question are recorded in the ‘preference’ relation, and only the
corresponding ‘result’ records represent good (aka preferred)
readings.  i suspect it might well be possible to express the above
nesting of queries and join conditions in full SQL, but not in the
more restricted TSQL sub-language, i am afraid.

—the naming of the ‘tree’ relation may be mis-leading your intuitions
here: each tuple here represents a top-level (i.e. item-level) unit of
annotation (rather than one specific result or derivation), for
example an annotator clicking ‘Save’ in the tree discrimination

all best, oe

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