[developers] tsql query to retrieve gold trees?

Ned Letcher ned at nedned.net
Sat Jan 21 03:09:31 CET 2017

Thanks very much Stephan and Woodley---most helpful. I suspected this was
the case. I'm actually just preparing some tsql statements for inclusion in
my thesis---illustrating how tsdb can assist with retrieving phenomenon
instances---so it will be fine simply to include a stipulation that some
queries require thinned profiles to work.


On Sat, 21 Jan 2017 at 06:55 Stephan Oepen <oe at ifi.uio.no> wrote:

> > just trees where t-active > 0 ought to work (or perhaps Stephan will
> correct me?).
> i can take a hint.
> ‘t-active’ is an item-level property, i.e. the above condition will
> select a set of items (‘parse’ attempts, to be precise, but these
> nearly stand in one-to-one correspondence with items).  for each item
> where there is at least one active (aka ‘gold’) three, the next order
> of business is to determine which of the ‘result’ tuples (i.e.
> separate readings) were accepted by the annotatator: the ‘result-id’s
> in question are recorded in the ‘preference’ relation, and only the
> corresponding ‘result’ records represent good (aka preferred)
> readings.  i suspect it might well be possible to express the above
> nesting of queries and join conditions in full SQL, but not in the
> more restricted TSQL sub-language, i am afraid.
> —the naming of the ‘tree’ relation may be mis-leading your intuitions
> here: each tuple here represents a top-level (i.e. item-level) unit of
> annotation (rather than one specific result or derivation), for
> example an annotator clicking ‘Save’ in the tree discrimination
> window.
> all best, oe
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