[developers] Latest ERG not generating unknown names with ACE

Dan Flickinger danf at stanford.edu
Sat Apr 15 10:17:01 CEST 2017

I have not yet made any big change in the analysis of proper names, and I am also mystified at why the unknown name no longer gets printed in the generated sentence string.  What is especially puzzling is that if you generate with the graphical tools enabled,

ace -g erg.dat -elp --show-gen-chart

you'll see the unknown name cheerfully showing up both in the generator chart and in the parse trees for the generated sentences.  So the feature structures must be very nearly right, but somehow not quite right.  I'll keep looking through recent changes I've made to the ERG to see if I can find the relevant one.

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Unity, _generic_proper_ne_ is dropping.
_generic_proper_ne_ is dropping unity.

it looks as if the right (generic) lexical entry is triggered, but its surface form does not reflect the CARG.  could you email the input MRS?

what happens in the LKB?  e.g. when you do something like:

(lkb::generate-from-mrs (mrs::read-mrs-from-file "~/src/logon/lingo/erg/mrs/nn.mrs"))

maybe dan has finally changed his analysis of proper names, to make them more similar to common nouns (no CARG)?

—a general comment: do you guys have a specific reason to work off the ERG trunk?  among other things, its SEM-I (and hence generation behavior) is not nearly as well-defined as in the 1214 release.

best, oe

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