[developers] [incr tsdb()] freezes after processing test suite

Brandon Graves bmgraves at uw.edu
Thu Apr 27 18:09:18 CEST 2017

I can't find that file myself, which may infact be a problem in itself,
but at first glance that looks like a permissions issue. if you can find
the file
locate tsdb_history

you should be able to solve the problem by ensuring it is writable:

chmod ugo+w <path/to/file>

if it's still an issue you could also try:

chmod 777 </path/to/file>

if the file does not exist it could be that the directory itself doesn't
have permission, if you are running as the "ubuntu" user, try using sudo
to run with elevated privileges.

On 4/26/17 4:18 PM, Guy Emerson wrote:
> I'm running TSDB on the Ubuntu+LKB VirtualBox appliance (v23), but
> after running it on a test suite, it stops responding, and the cursor
> turns into a skull-and-crossbones (!).  If I re-open TSDB, the results
> are there, and I can analyse the results as normal.  The emacs buffer
> prints one line for each test item, and then:
> flush-cache(): flushing
> `abui/2017-04-26_21:26:00_utc/lab4/17-04-26/lkb' cache ... done.
> main(): unable to write to history file `.tsdb_history'.
> close-connection(): `abui/2017-04-26_21:26:00_utc/lab4/17-04-26/lkb'
> expiry.

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