[developers] Subordinating Pairs Analysis

Kristen Howell kphowell at uw.edu
Fri Jun 16 22:04:18 CEST 2017

I'm working on the clausal modifiers library for the Grammar Matrix. One
phenomenon to cover subordinator pairs, where one goes in the subordinate
clause and the other in the main clause, such as English's "if/then". Eg.
If you do this, I'll do that.

In English both if and then are heads (Ps or Cs) and Dan has only the if
introduce an EP (_if+then_x_rel). In Chinese one or both might be an
adverb. My question for the list is- if one or both of the "subordinators"
is an adverb, should the semantics look the same as Dan has them in the
ERG? That is, should only the one in the subordinate clause introduce the
predication, or should they each introduce separate predications? If anyone
has dealt with this before and has any opinions or insights, I'd really
appreciate it!

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