[developers] poll: stack exchange?

Olga Zamaraeva olzama at uw.edu
Fri Jul 21 21:03:39 CEST 2017

I was curious how many people on these lists would be interested in
participating in a stack exchange site (like stackoverflow, tex-exchange,
math-exchange etc), as an alternative/supplement to this mailing list?

The site would house questions about grammar engineering with HPSG, I
imagine, particularly using the Grammar Matrix.

These sites both promote quality question/answering and provide a very
convenient way to look up things which had already been answered/discussed.

I created a proposal for such a site on stackexchange.com but I suspect we
won't have enough users? They want 60 users or something like that, to send
the proposal "live".

In any case, here's the proposal, if you think it is a good idea and would
like to follow.


Alternatively, if you think it is a bad idea, also let me know!

Thank you,
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