[developers] UW server (Demophin, Bottlenose) downtime

Michael Wayne Goodman goodmami at uw.edu
Wed Aug 16 19:21:34 CEST 2017

Update: the migration is complete and things appear to be working fine.
Please let me know if you find anything is no longer working for you.

On Tue, Aug 15, 2017 at 3:03 PM, Michael Wayne Goodman <goodmami at uw.edu>

> Hi developers,
> We are planning to upgrade our Chimpanzee web server at UW which currently
> hosts a couple of DELPH-IN services. If the resulting downtime would
> inconvenience anyone (e.g., for a planned presentation and demo), please
> reply soon to let me know.
> Affected services are:
>  * the Demophin web demo (http://chimpanzee.ling.washington.edu/demophin)
>  * the Bottlenose DELPH-IN API (http://chimpanzee.ling.
> washington.edu/bottlenose)
>  * a variety of services for the ODIN and Xigt projects (unrelated to
> Bottlenose is used as the back-end for a number of grammars in the
> delphin-viz web demo (http://delph-in.github.io/delphin-viz/demo/), but
> note that only the grammars hosted at UW would be inaccessible, those at
> UiO and UM would be unaffected. There may be other users of Bottlenose as
> well, but I am currently unaware of any.
> The server is expected to be down from tomorrow morning PDT (around 3pm
> Aug 16 UTC, or 11pm Aug 16 SGT), and should be down for a few hours, but if
> there are difficulties it could be a bit longer.
> --
> Michael Wayne Goodman
> Ph.D. Candidate, UW Linguistics

Michael Wayne Goodman
Ph.D. Candidate, UW Linguistics
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