[developers] Docu of the MaxEnt .mem file structure?

Stephan Oepen oe at ifi.uio.no
Fri Sep 22 16:40:27 CEST 2017

hi alex,

> (0) [1 (2) ^ aj-hd_scp_c av_-_s-cp-mc-pr_le "well"] 0.522613 {36392 447
36392 445} [0 1]

in a nutshell, the format is

(id) [tid (parameter*) symbol] weight {counts} [range]

the feature identiers are unique consecutive integers.

template identifiers are integers, specified through comments in the top of
’features.lisp‘ in [incr tsdb()].

each template can take zero to two parameters, e.g. the grandparenting
level in type-1 features; see the above file and zhang, oepen, & carroll
(2007; IWPT).

symbol is the representation of the feature proper, again interpreted
specific to the template type, e.g. two grandparents in the above (of which
one is the tree ’top sentinal‘), then the mother, then the sequence of
daughters (singleton, in this case).

the counts and (minimum and maximum) value range information is there for
bookkeeping purposes; MEM scoring does not depend on this.

MEM training is supported in [incr tsdb()] in the LOGON tree; documented to
some degree on the wiki, i believe.  as of this summer, i think woodley
offers an alternative full-forest trainer.  i recommend you look into that!

best wishes, oe
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