[developers] basic question on unknown words

paul at haleyai.com paul at haleyai.com
Thu Dec 21 20:54:54 CET 2017

I've reviewed the documentation but just can't seem to get unknown words out
of PET using the ERG.


Does anyone know the proper incantation?


Thank you, and,


Season's Greetings!





root at c248d57fdceb:/ERG# cheap -nsolutions=1 -packing -cm -default-les=all
-repp english.grm

reading `pet/english.set'... including `pet/common.set'... including
`pet/global.set'... including `pet/repp.set'... including `pet/mrs.set'...
loading `english.grm'

(ERG (trunk)) reading ME model `redwoods.mem'... [3720311 features]

99034 types in 7.1 s


this is an unknown wordd

no lexicon entries for:

        "wordd" []

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