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Hi Bernd,

This might help: gCLIMB is a metagrammar: it can be used to generate
grammars, but is not a grammar itself.
It is build on top of the LinGO Grammar Matrix Customization tool:

The code takes a so-called 'choices file' as input and outputs a grammar.
You can find choices files for creating grammars with gCLIMB in the folder
choices/ in antske-germanic-development/
Some have abstract inflection, some use fully inflected words: I have not
created versions that make use of an external morphology, but this can be
done as well if you adapt the choices files appropriately.

You can create a grammar by running (for instance):

python matrix.py customize choices/Infl-ger-basic-inflected

Where Infl-ger-basic-inflected is a possible choices file you can use as
input. There should be choices files for more advanced grammars in the

Unfortunately I have not been able to fix a bug in the code I was recently
made aware of (I hope to look at this during the break), so you might be
better of checking out an earlier version of gCLIMB: r26689

Please do keep me posted and contact me if you have questions. I'm planning
to reinstall the DELPH-IN environment next week so I can respond more
quickly to information about bug fixes.

Hope this helps!


On Thu, Dec 21, 2017 at 11:35 AM, Bernd Kiefer <Bernd.Kiefer at dfki.de> wrote:

> Hi all,
> i'm a bit ashamed i have to ask this, but after all these years i
> feel like complete newbie again, trying to work with the gClimb that
> Antske kindly provided me with, but failing miserably.
> So, my question is: Is there some "instructions for dummies" page or
> document that could help me get at least one sentence parsed with
> whatever system available?
> Thanks in advance,
> Bernd
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