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Hello again,

Thanks to all who sent kind words off-list!

I have a few more things to say about the release:

* If you're upgrading from a previous version, I recommend uninstalling and
reinstalling rather than `pip --upgrade pydelphin` (because upgrading may
not delete old files that could break the packaging). Once you have v1.0.0
working, upgrading to the next version should be safe. Alternatively (and
re-recommended) you can make a new virtual environment and just install to
that clean slate.

* After releasing v1.0.0, I helped Francis, Luis, and the pydmrs project
update their code to the new version, which turned up some potentially
useful features and some bugs. *Sigh*. The bugs prevented DMRS-to-MRS
conversion (MRS-to-DMRS worked, however), which is used by pydmrs. So I've
now released v1.0.1. If you work with DMRS, I recommend using that version.
The new features are planned for v1.1.0, but don't hold your breath---I
plan to take a break to catch up on other things.

* If you encounter any other bugs, please file them at
https://github.com/delph-in/pydelphin/issues. While I'm not adding new
features for a while, I'll release patch versions (1.0.2, etc.) to fix bugs.

On Wed, Aug 14, 2019 at 12:26 PM goodman.m.w at gmail.com <
goodman.m.w at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello all,
> I'm happy to announce that PyDelphin v1.0.0 is now released and available
> on PyPI for installation.
>     https://github.com/delph-in/pydelphin
> Some of the notable changes include:
> * It is now Python 3 only (Python 2 will be retired in a few months)
> * You can now write plugins for PyDelphin
> * MRS, EDS, and DMRS have their own implementations, but with a common
> interface
> * TSDB, [incr tsdb()], and TSQL support is improved for various workflows
> * The ACE interface supports full-forest parsing
> * A web server for parsing, generation, and [incr tsdb()] profile browsing
> is included
> * Multiple-inheritance hierarchies (with tests for subsumption and type
> compatibility) are added
> * It has comprehensive documentation of the public API
> For more release notes, see the change log:
>     https://github.com/delph-in/pydelphin/blob/develop/CHANGELOG.md#v100
> Also see the documentation:
>     https://pydelphin.readthedocs.io/en/v1.0.0/
> NOTE for previous users of PyDelphin: this release breaks compatibility
> with many usages of PyDelphin from previous versions, so maintainers of
> projects that depend on PyDelphin directly or indirectly (pydmrs, Jacy,
> JaEn, INDRA, Zhong, etc.) should either their code to target the new API
> (recommended) or specify a previous release as the dependency (e.g.,
> v0.9.2). I'm happy to answer any questions about this.
> Relatedly, software that relied on PyDelphin, such as bottlenose and
> gTest, have largely been supplanted by new PyDelphin features, so these
> projects will be deprecated instead of updated. Again, I'm happy to answer
> questions if you rely on these tools.
> Thanks everyone who helped shape the release!
> --
> -Michael Wayne Goodman

-Michael Wayne Goodman
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