[developers] Browsing items with lexical coverage using itsdb profiles created with pydelphin/ace

Kristen Howell kphowell at uw.edu
Fri Sep 27 19:04:10 CEST 2019

Hi Mike and Woodley (and others?),

I've created some itsdb profiles using pydelphin and a grammar loaded in
ace. I am trying to browse the profile in [incr tsdb()]. The results and
coverage show up fine. However, when I try to browse errors, nothing
happens. Also when I try to view items with lexical coverage (using tsdl
condition--> unproblematic and then browse --> test items), I see all of
the items, not just those with lexical coverage.

Is this expected to work with pydelphin profiles? If so, what might be
missing? My profile contains non empty item, parse, result, relations, run

Thanks for your help,
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