[developers] issues building PET w/ Boost, trigrams, etc.

paul at haleyai.com paul at haleyai.com
Sat Jan 4 20:34:59 CET 2020

Greetings Folks,


I found the new quoting convention in the ERG’s TDL (lextypes) when upgrading and that I needed a more recent version of PET to process the current ERG. 


In the course of upgrading I found a few issues with the build process and its instructions.  I’ve done many builds of all the above over recent years, so hopefully this will be of assistance...


FYI, I typically build using Ubuntu inside Docker, so any of this is completely repeatable and has nothing to do with my system, per se.


The first problem I encountered involved the lack of support for the current version of GCC supported on 16.04 (or 18.04 which I upgraded to in this process).  This problem arises from the (outdated?) version of boost.m4 cached in the PET repository.  I overcame it by inserting the current versions  around line 1419, FYI.


The second problem was that additional modules of Boost appear to be required (as reported by errors during configure).  These included system, filesystem, and iostream.


After this, compilation proceeded but failed for 2 reasons.


First, the addition of the trigram subdirectory under the cheap directory  seems not properly reflected in cheap/Makefile.am (it omits the relative path when building from the release directory, for example).


The same was true for the (“new”?) repp subdirectory of cheap.  Both were resolved by the following edit to line 12 of cheap/Makefile.am, FYI.  I’m not sure that’s the right approach, but “works for me”!


CPPFLAGS += -I$(top_srcdir)/common -I$(top_srcdir)/fspp -I$(top_srcdir)/cheap/repp -I$(top_srcdir)/cheap/trigram @CHEAPCPPFLAGS@




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