[developers] No latex/postscrip output from LUI

Woodley Packard sweagles at stanford.edu
Fri Oct 21 01:33:19 CEST 2005

Hello Sara,

Through a few test cases and examination of the relevant source code I
verified that (1) saving to postscript and LaTeX, and the log file, all
work for me on multiple Linux machines, and (2) if LUI doesn't have write
permission to '/tmp/yzlui.debug.yourusername' it will most likely crash.

So, the only possibilities I can think of are (1) the files are being
created and you weren't able to find them for some reason, e.g. they had
unexpected names, (2) the files are being created and then something is
cleaning up /tmp/ (I'm not familiar with Ubuntu enough to know for sure,
but this seems unlikely), or (3) LUI isn't actually running and you're
still using the old LKB interface.

AVMs get saved as `/tmp/avm.somenumber.ps' and `/tmp/avm.somenumber.tex',
for instance (where somenumber is a unique ID provided by the LKB).  You
probably already checked this, but is it possible that the files are being
created with a different username than you expected? (you could run `ls
/tmp/yzlui.*' in a terminal, or `ls /tmp/avm.*' if you were looking for an

Depending on how Linux-savvy you are you could also try strace(1)'ing LUI
and checking what's happening to the file creation calls, I suppose.

Hope that helps,

Quoting Sara Stymne <sarst at ida.liu.se>:

> Hi!
> I am using the latest Lkb (from Oct 5) with LUI enabled on Linux Ubuntu.
> The problem is that when I try to save views as latex or postscript I do
> not seem to get any files saved. As I understand it they are supposed to
> turn up in the tmp folder, but they do not, and nowhere else either. I
> then saw that I am supposed to attach the log file
> (/tmp/yzlui.debug.username) when I report a bug, but unfortunately there
> is no log file, not in the tmp directory, and not elsewhere in the
> filesystem either.
> /Sara Stymne

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