[developers] LKB and MacOS(x86)

John Carroll J.A.Carroll at sussex.ac.uk
Tue Oct 17 12:49:27 CEST 2006

Unfortunately, the pre-built macintosh binary will only work on Mac  
OS X/PowerPC, not X86. There is no X86 version of MCL.

What others have done as a short-term measure is to install Parallels  
and run the Linux version of the LKB.


On 17 Oct 2006, at 11:38, Alexandros Paulis wrote:

> Dear all,
> One of the new MSc students has tried to install LKB to his Mac.  
> I'm attaching his e-mail in case you could provide some advice.
> Thank you in advance,
> All best
> Alex
> Poulis Alexandros Research Group: Computational Linguistics I  
> (Uszkoreit) **************************************
> Attached Mail follows:
> **************************************
> I've read the instruction below:
> http://wiki.delph-in.net/moin/LkbInstallation
> - I've downloaded the 'lkb_macintosh.sitx' from the link:
> http://lingo.stanford.edu/ftp/stable/
> - extracted it
> - but somehow it won't lunch.. (because of the platform difference? I
> do not know..) I can already see the binary file for MacOSX under
> "lkb_macintosh Folder", but as soon as I double-click the program file
> "LKB", it'd be shown on the Doc for a second, and distinguished...
> Then I tried going with source code..
> - Download the stable version of LKB source code (itsdb_source.tgz )
> from the link above
> - mkdir ~/Documents/delphin
> - mkdir ~/Documents/tmp
> - extract the file
> Here, I realized I'd need to have a LISP environment extra.
>> From here, I thought I'd need to have "Macintosh Common Lisp (MCL)",
> http://wiki.delph-in.net/moin/LkbCompilation
> But it seemed that they don't offer the Intel version, and its way too
> expensive to buy one :-P
> http://www.digitool.com/purchase.html
> Then I found the page mentioned on the previous email.
>>> http://www.nabble.com/LKB-on-MacBook-Pro-(OSX-10.4)-t2211049.html
> I hope above explanation was sufficient. By the way, I'm using the
> MacOSX (10.4.8), and my machine is MacBook with 2GHz Intel Core Duo.
> Thank you
> Kira

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