[developers] [itsdb] parse big corpus with itsdb

Timothy Baldwin tim at csse.unimelb.edu.au
Mon Nov 13 05:46:26 CET 2006

Hi Eric,

> I can build the newest pet under Ubuntu dapper and edgy with autoconf 2.60
> and automake 1.9. It sounds like your problems are being caused by how
> autoconf is being called. When I rebuild the configuration script, I usually
> call
> aclocal followed by autoconf. aclocal takes care of setting all of the
> version-
> related flags in the configuration file based on version information pulled
> from
> your system. You might want to try calling aclocal before calling autoconf.

This was very helpful, and resolved the problems with autoconf and
automake. I was then missing the files:


in the top PET directory, which I hackily copied across from an old PET build,
and off we went ... until we tripped up on s-xml:

;;; Loading "/nlptools/delphin/lkb-src/src/systems/s-xml.system"

;      - Source file not found. Not compiling file
;        "/nlptools/delphin/lkb-src/src/s-xml/src/package.lisp"
;      - Source file /nlptools/delphin/lkb-src/src/s-xml/src/package.lisp not
;        found, not loading.Source file "/nlptools/delphin/lkb-src/src/s-xml/src/package.lisp" do not exist.

which doesn't seem to be checked in to CVS (Ben?). This is after having
specified --without-xml in configure, but I guess this option isn't passed as
far as the interface with the LKB.

> If it is Ubuntu packages you are after, I have already packaged the latest
> and
> greatest PET with selective unpacking. You can use the following repository:
> deb http://cl.naist.jp/~eric-n/ubuntu-nlp dapper delph-in
> deb-src http://cl.naist.jp/~eric-n/ubuntu-nlp dapper delph-in

These work beautifully on one server which is running dapper (finally, after
recently giving up on debian unstable), but the main machine we are interested
in getting it running on is running RedHat ASP, as Ubuntu doesn't support the
hardware in question.


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