[developers] [itsdb] parse big corpus with itsdb

Timothy Baldwin tim at csse.unimelb.edu.au
Mon Nov 13 06:48:03 CET 2006

> As I understand it, the xml related-flags in the configure script just
> enable (or disable)
> linking in libxerces to do XML parsing/generation in PET; it doesn't have
> any effect on
> what LKB code is built.
> Are you sure you really do have the latest LKB source code? If you try
> installing the
> lkb-src package on your ubuntu machine, you will get a copt of the LKB
> source I  used
> to build my PET packages. That package does include the s-xml code. In any
> event,
> your error message says that LKB expects that code to be there since it has
> a system
> file.

Curioser and curioser ... s-xml was indeed there in the ubuntu package, and
yet CVS obstinately refused to admit its existence until I did a clean
checkout. Either way, everything compiles beautifully now in 64-bit mode
(without the memory map) and seems to be working happily. Thanks for the help!


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