[developers] How To Enable RMRS Output in PET SVN

Eric Nichols eric-n at is.naist.jp
Tue Dec 5 06:44:56 CET 2006


Since it seems that several people have tried upgrading their PET to the
current SVN version
and discovering that RMRS output is broken, I though I would post this
workaround for those
who absolutely need it working.

To briefly summarize, there is a naming conflict between two modules in the
LKB source that
seems to only appear when built with ECL. Renaming one of the files works as
a temporary
solution, but we are trying to find a solution that is implementable in PET.
The issue has been
discussed in several threads:


As a workaround, you can apply the folowing patch to your LKB source to
restore RMRS output.
However, in its current state, you will lose the cfrom/cto values.

--Eric Nichols
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