[developers] Downloading problems (fwd)

Stephan Oepen oe at csli.Stanford.EDU
Mon Mar 19 19:07:03 CET 2007

thanks for helpful comments, richard,

> Another problem that (I guess) could potentially cause this, is that
> the file might just be missing on the server for the current build. I
> assume this will be fixed by the maintainer, and you can work around
> by using an older build, by putting

the file is indeed (mysteriously) missing on the server.  we will try
fixing that in the next few days.

gertrud, in the meantime, the following should work:

  bash install --test --home ~/delphin

this will fetch a newer `test' release rather than the default `latest'
--- we will likely promote `test' to `latest' this week anyway, so you
would just be a few days ahead of the curve :-).

or, actually, the missing file is for [incr tsdb()], an add-on package;
in all likelihood what you installed should work just fine for the LKB.

                                                          best  -  oe

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