[developers] sbcl

Ben Waldron ben.waldron at hf.ntnu.no
Fri Aug 3 15:26:29 CEST 2007

On 12/06/2007 Ben Waldron wrote:
> I'm also attaching a patch to tsdb that gets it up and running under 
> SBCL, but which I've not checked in -- oe, I'd be grateful if you 
> would be able to integrate this patch into the CVS.
> The attached patch allows the tsdb system to compile under SBCL (fixed 
> type errors, provided replacements for Allegro-specific functions, 
> etc). Once the podium is up and running new test suites can be created 
> (from a skeleton), and we can parse, analyse and compare test runs. 
> However, not everything currently works. Eg.
> - many pathnames are slightly malformed (too many slashes). i've not 
> attempted to fix these. note that:
> [Allegro]
> TSNLP(15): (make-pathname :directory "/tmp")
> #P"/tmp/"
> [SBCL]
> (make-pathname :directory "/tmp")
> #P"//tmp/"
> - a new test suite is only displayed after selecting Update->Database 
> list
> - tsdb is not collecting memory usage statistics from the SBCL'd LKB

Stephan, have you had a chance to look at these SBCL fixes?

In the meantime I've created a temporary branch(let) in the LKB CVS 
which allows the fixes to be merged against current code. This branchlet 
encompasses the following CVS directories:



1. obtain current source code (LKB+tsdb) from CVS:

cvs -d :pserver:public at lingo.stanford.edu:/lingo/CVS co lkb

2. merge in fixes from the 'sbcl' branch:

cd lkb
cvs update -j sbcl

3. start SBCL...

sbcl --dynamic-space-size 500

4. and run the code:

(load "general/loadup.lisp")
(pushnew :lkb *features*)
(compile-system "tsdb" :force t)

- Ben

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