[developers] PET question

Bernd Kiefer kiefer at dfki.de
Mon Nov 24 11:46:56 CET 2008

Hi Bart,

you are not providing the "directory" argument to tsdbdump, which should 
result in a message "parse_options(): expecting name of grammar to 
load", but the lisp code seems to catch the top-level exception that was 
thrown (which was not thrown in the previous version) and so the message 
doesn't make in onto the console. I don't know what to do about this, 
since i don't know how to prevent ecl from catching my C++ exceptions.

Maybe some ideas out there?


Bart Cramer wrote:
> Dear all,
> Since a couple of revisions, I am running into problems when I want to
> export trees to tsdb. I am using this command line:
> cat /home/HU/bcramer/Tiger2HPSG/data/tiger.1000.txt |
> /home/HU/bcramer/delphin/pet/cheap/cheap
> /home/HU/bcramer/Tiger2HPSG/grammar/german.grm -packing=15
> -nsolutions=1000 -limit=50000 -tsdbdump
> /home/HU/bcramer/tsdb/Tiger-first-1K/
> However, this is what I get:
> [bcramer at cluster-04 Tiger2HPSG]$ ./parse-dev
> Error in format: No more arguments.
>   Serious signal ~D caught.
>                   ^
> while processing indirect format string:
>   ~?
>    ^
> Broken at NIL.
> MT>
> Removing the -tsdbdump option results in expected behaviour.
> Two revisions earlier, it seemed to have something to do with the
> option opt_mrs, but now it's not mentioned anymore. Also, previously
> it only happened when the tsdb dump was started, i.e. after the first
> sentence has been parsed, but now it does it before.
> Is this something that other people experience, too?
> Bart.

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