[developers] Unicode font problem again (Clim)

Berthold Crysmann crysmann at ifk.uni-bonn.de
Thu Feb 12 15:32:02 CET 2009

Dear all, 

I am trying to use Unicode characters from sections Latin Extended B and
IPA Extensions with Logon.

I have a version of Helvetica (.pcf bitmap font) that contains the
relevant glyphs, and Ican see them alright in xterm using the follwing


In LKB's file chooser I can input and display these glyphs as well, if I
set an appropriate X resource 

clim*fontList: -*-helvetica-medium-r-*-*-12-*-*-*-*-*-10646-1

However, for almost everything else, Logon/Clim seems intent on only
using iso8859-1 despite a utf8 locale. 

As a result, I cannot see these beautiful glyphs in either parse input
and tree/chart display,  although do-parse-tty appears to work fine

If I remove the iso8859-1 font from my font path (move the font files,
and then mkfontdir; xset fp rehash) xterm loads the 10646 fonts by
default (without having to set the encoding as an X resource), whereas
Logon/Clim falls back to fixed. 

Now: is this a problem of Logon, or is it a clim issue, not supporting
loading of X11 unicode fonts?

Thanks in advance for your help, 

Best wishes, 


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