[developers] Is fs.lisp supposed to create grid output directories?

Bill McNeill (UW) billmcn at u.washington.edu
Tue Mar 3 02:59:27 CET 2009

I'm trying to run the logon parse ranking experiments on a corpus smaller
than the jhpstg.

I want to create a virtual profile that contains just jh0 through jh3.  I
created a directory tsdb/home/jh03 that contains the file virtual with


I then created a file called fc.jh03.lisp with the following contents:

(in-package :tsdb)

(load "parsing.lisp")

(operate-on-profiles '("jh03"))

I ran load --binary fc.jh03.lisp.  This process ran for about 3 hours.  When
it was done, it had created an fc.mlm file in the tsdb/home/jh03 directory
as I would have expected.  However it also created various

[jh03] GP[4] +PT -LEX CW[2] +AE NS[4] NT[type] +NB LM[0] FT[:::1] RS[]
MM[tao_lmvm] ...

directories with varying values for RT, AT, and VA.  These directories
contain empty fold and score files.  I was surprised by the creation of
these directories, since I expect them to be created by the grid step and
not the feature caching step.

Is this a bug?

Bill McNeill
Sent from: Seattle Washington United States.
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