[developers] Trigger rules with specialization

Woodley Packard sweaglesw at sweaglesw.org
Sat Dec 10 19:44:55 CET 2011

Regarding the English example I gave -- whoops!  excuse me, I had  
meant to say: one for "do" and one for "does".  And I was wrong -- the  
current ERG does not actually avoid allowing both forms into the  
generation chart, although it perhaps could(?); the trigger rules for  
these two forms are nearly identical.  There was presumably some other  
good reason to separate those lexemes in this case.  In any case, the  
point stands for the other languages I mentioned.


On Dec 10, 2011, at 10:04 AM, Woodley Packard wrote:

> in English, the auxiliary verb forms "did" and "does" are vacuous,  
> but their inflection depends on the agreement properties of their  
> subject.  The ERG avoids allowing both forms into the generation  
> chart by having two separate lexemes and two separate trigger rules  
> -- one for "did" and one for "does"

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