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Thanks Emily!


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Dear Omid,

[I'm adding the DELPH-IN developers list to the cc, as other
folks there might have more detail for you.]

Based on the analysis of the sentence "Kim can" at the online
ERG demo, I'd expect any sentence analyzed as involving ellipsis 
to contain ellipsis_rel in its MRS v_aux-ell-ref_dlr in its derivation.  

There is a short entry on ellipsis in the ERG Semantic
Documentation pages here:


I hope this helpful,

On Fri, Jul 31, 2015 at 6:09 PM, <omidb at cs.rochester.edu> wrote:
Hi Emily,
I’m Omid Bakhshandeh, a PhD student working on NLP with James Allen at University of Rochester. I was searching about Ellipsis and I found out that DeepBank has Ellipsis Annotation, but I couldn’t figure out what exactly is the schema. Would you please let me know if you have any more information regarding the schema?
Any broader information about ellipsis in HPSG and MRS would be appreciated.

Emily M. Bender
Professor, Department of Linguistics
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