[developers] ERG: any recent papers?

Olga Zamaraeva olzama at uw.edu
Thu Jun 8 14:45:18 CEST 2017

One of my reviewers recently was unhappy about my ERG citation in the
introduction (Flickinger, 2000) since it made them think the technology I
am using was very old. So much so they misread the accompanying 2014
citation and thought that also dated back to 2000. They did not notice
that, in the section where we give the overview of the approach, we give
also the version number, the URL for the online demo etc. I am assuming
this first mention made them so disinterested they did not really want to
read the paper in detail.

Are there some recent things to cite, when referring to ERG in general? It
would look better I think if it were something like (... 2000; ... 2010;
... 2016). Better than a footnote saying something like "yes we know it is
2000, but it is under constant development".

Perhaps this would be a good one?

  title={Towards an Encyclopedia of Compositional Semantics:
Documenting the Interface of the English Resource Grammar.},
  author={Flickinger, Dan and Bender, Emily M and Oepen, Stephan},

Anything else?

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