[developers] Linux and macOS versions of LKB-FOS

John Carroll J.A.Carroll at sussex.ac.uk
Wed Dec 20 15:54:28 CET 2017

Hi all,

I'm happy to announce the first co-ordinated Linux and macOS release of the fully open source LKB (LKB-FOS). There's full information at http://moin.delph-in.net/LkbFos, including installation instructions and a summary of improvements over previous versions of the LKB. I have also recently updated http://moin.delph-in.net/LkbWishlist, http://moin.delph-in.net/LkbBugs, and http://moin.delph-in.net/LkbMacintosh

Apart from usability improvements, the most visible change in LKB-FOS is to the type hierarchy display, which shows a target type's ancestors as well as its descendants, and includes commands to zoom in/out and to display type constraints. I hope this will make it easier to debug type hierarchies. I attach a couple of screenshots.

Best wishes of the season,


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I’ve just uploaded a new macOS version of the LKB with improved Unicode support and much faster GLB computation. This version addresses most of the points in "Proper support in the display/entry for non-ascii encodings" at http://moin.delph-in.net/LkbWishlist .

The main highlights are:

* The macOS 'Input Sources' menu can be used to switch between language scripts, and the 'Keyboard Viewer' provides convenient multilingual text entry.

* Window titles are now able to show any Unicode character.

* Grammar and lexicon files are no longer subject to Unicode NFC normalisation.

* Much faster GLB computation for large type partitions.

The download link and installation instructions are at http://moin.delph-in.net/LkbMacintosh . I’ve still got a long list of suggested enhancements from the DELPIN Summit and subsequently. I’m working on them, and I also hope to make a Linux version soon.


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