[developers] INDEX on scopal modifiers

Ann Copestake aac10 at cl.cam.ac.uk
Sat Dec 23 13:18:32 CET 2017

Hi Emily,

I suspect I'm totally misunderstanding, but ...

The answer to why do we ever care about the index would be because there 
could be later attachment of non-scopal modifiers, or auxiliaries 
affecting tense etc.

The dog had probably slept.

But I guess you're asking about the coindexation of the scopal 
modifier's index with the head's index - and it seems that doesn't 
happen in the ERG at least for that example.  At least, I've just 
checked using the demo, and the ARG0 of `probably' is not coindexed with 
the ARG0 of `slept'.

All best,


On 22/12/2017 18:06, Emily M. Bender wrote:
> Hi all,
> I suspect I've asked questions similar to this one before, but the 
> answer has not stayed with me, so please forgive the repeat.
> In the Grammar Matrix, like the ERG, we are careful to pass up the 
> INDEX of the head daughter in scopal head-mod structures (more 
> precisely, the HOOK comes from the non-head daughter, so the scopal 
> modifiers themselves identify their INDEX with their MOD's INDEX.
> My question is: Why?  What else in the grammar(s) ever wants the index 
> of the head inside that scopal-head-adj structure?
> Thanks,
> Emily
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