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Samia Ben Ismail samia_benismail at yahoo.fr
Sun Jan 28 11:37:48 CET 2018

DearMr Berthold,

Thanksfor you response.

Formore explanation, Our work is to construct an Arabic linguisticressources with LKB. In fact,we proposed an Arabic morphological HPSGgrammar. So, It automatically determines, for each word (lexeme), itsdifferent morphological forms (i.e., derivational and inflectional),with a minimum number of rules with TDL. We use the two operates(prefix and suffix). I use vocalised and unvocalised Arabic letter. 
However,we didn’t construct automatically some case of derived forms. Infact, to construct correctly its, it should in some case to deleteand to add a letter in middle of verb such as for Gerund (-ʿallama(علّم)-(تعليم)taʿliym). So, to obtain this derived form, it is necessary to deletethe letter “ّ” andto add “ ‫ي‬”.Yet, this operation is a difficult task with TDL.
Please, let me know if it is possible to construct an operation such PREFIX using the LKB open source. this operation can access to the medium of lexeme and set the appropriate change.


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