[developers] a toy grammar not working in LKB FOS and logon dist

Dan Flickinger danf at stanford.edu
Fri May 31 09:44:48 CEST 2019

Hi Olga,

I cannot reproduce the misbehavior you describe.  I loaded your grammar into each of the two systems (LOGON LKB and LKB-FOS), and in each system I saw no errors on loading, and I was able to successfully parse the sentence "Kim adores snow in Oslo" (two parses produced, as expected).  Note that there is no attempt to define a type "null" (without asterisks) in your user-fns.lsp, so I also don't understand how you could get the error messages you report about that undefined type.

I hope you can provide more details about your setup if the problem persists for you.


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Dear developers,

We've been using a toy grammar (attached) in an introductory CompLing class here at UW for a number of years. Mostly we've been using it with a VM that was built for the grammar engineering class, but I seem to be remembering very positively that I used to be able to use it with e.g. LKB FOS a year ago.

This year at least, it seems like I cannot use it with either LKB FOS or the logon distribution of the LKB. On both versions of the LKB, I observe the following:

1) The grammar doesn't load, complaining about the NULL type:

[Screen Shot 2019-05-29 at 9.13.14 AM.png]

2) I suspected that this is because, in types.tdl, *null* has asterisks but in e.g. user-fns.lsp it does not? Removing asterisks around null seems to help with the errors but it doesn't look like the grammar is working: there are no parses or even parse charts produced.

Would anyone be so kind to take a look and advise me as to how to update the toy grammar so it is working? Or perhaps this sounds like something in my (two!) setups?..

Thank you,
Olga Zamaraeva
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