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Wow, that is some old code... From memory, export was a wrapper around
`parse --export`, where I could add :ltriples to the

I don't know the mtool code at all, but re-reading the paper and looking at
the perl code, I don't think the original implementation evaluated CARG at
all. We only checked that the correct character span had a pred name

I think you are right that the triple export at the time did not produce a
triple for TOP and it hence would not have been counted.

That match your memory Stephan?


On Thu, Jan 16, 2020 at 8:34 PM goodman.m.w at gmail.com <goodman.m.w at gmail.com>

> Hello developers,
> Recently I wanted to try out Elementary Dependency Match (EDM) but I did
> not find an easy way to do it. I saw lisp code in the LKB's repository and
> Bec's Perl code, but I'm not sure how to call the former from the command
> line and the latter seems outdated (I don't see the "export" command
> required by its instructions).
> The Dridan & Oepen, 2011 algorithm was simple enough so I though I'd
> implement it on top of PyDelphin. The result is here:
> https://github.com/delph-in/delphin.edm. It requires the latest version
> of PyDelphin (v1.2.0). It works with MRS, EDS, and DMRS, and it reads text
> files or [incr tsdb()] profiles.
> When I nearly had my version working I found that Stephan et al.'s mtool (
> https://github.com/cfmrp <https://github.com/cfmrp/mtool>The paper
> example
> /mtool <https://github.com/cfmrp/mtool>) also had an implementation of
> EDM, so I used that to compare with my outputs (as I couldn't get the
> previous implementations to work). In this process I think I found some
> differences from Dridan & Oepen, 2011's description, and this email is to
> confirm those findings. Namely, that mtool's (and now my) implementation do
> the following:
> * CARGs are treated as property triples ("class 3 information").
> Previously they were combined with the predicate name. This change means
> that predicates like 'named' will match even if their CARGs don't and the
> CARGs are a separate thing that needs to be matched.
> * The identification of the graph's TOP counts as a triple.
> One difference between mtool and delphin.edm is that mtool does not count
> "variable" properties from EDS, but that's just because its EDS parser does
> not yet handle them while PyDelphin's does.
> Can anyone familiar with EDM confirm the above? Or can anyone explain how
> to call the Perl or LKB code so I can compare?
> --
> -Michael Wayne Goodman
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